Friday, November 6, 2009


My sense of style has always been a transformation. Over the years I've made some very bad plus size fashion blunders (over sized graphic tie dyed shirts) but I've also found classics that I will wear until I'm 90 years old (white button up men's shirt). So here are some classics that won't break your bank and come in sizes larger than a 20w.

The fitted cardigan is from They go up to 3x in a good variety of their clothes and the prices are awesome! This cardigan is on sale for $21.90 and comes in eight different colors!

Im a freak when it comes to jeans. They have to have a flare and they have to be dark denim. The fit is the most crucial part at finding jeans. I love these from They come up to a size 30 in short, regular and long! And theyre cheaper than Lane Bryant... $32.50

I'm not a dress girl. Give me jeans anyday. But for those special occasions or going to church a potato sack just wont do. Have something with a fitted top and a loose bottom. Ruffles are always flirty and fresh. This also is from and the price is $25 and goes up to a 4x!

Everyone is talking about blazers right now. But they are also a very classic thing to have in your wardrobe. If I had my way I would get this navy color and they also have a violet purple. You can get this at for $59.99-$69.99 and it goes up to a size 28.

And of course the very classic, very comfy button up shirt. I like this one from because it is fitted. Also it has a cute detail on the button seam with a ruffle going down. You cant go wrong with a classic button up in any color! This shirt is going for $29.50 and goes up to a 4x.

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